Winery Profile: Bingham Family Vineyards

In the autumn of 2003, the Bingham family planted their first vineyards in Meadow, Texas, just southwest of Lubbock in the Texas High Plains. The Bingham Family Vineyards are in Terry County, which has more area of planted vineyards than any other county in Texas. In addition to the family’s traditional crops, they now own or manage a total of two hundred acres of grapes.

In the last fifteen years, they have grown twenty-one different varieties of wine grapes, and they sell them to twenty-one different wineries across Texas, plus a Greek Orthodox monastery in the Hill Country that makes its own wine.

Bingham vineyards.jpg

Starting in 2014, they decided to start making wine themselves, and bottled their first vintage in 2015. But their wines were only available to visitors to Terry County and Lubbock.

On September 1, 2018, the Bingham Family Vineyards has opened a new tasting room on the Highway 290 Wine Trail just east of Fredericksburg, and Texas Wine Tours is pleased to bring our passengers to visit this newest wine destination.

For such a relative newcomer to the wine-making scene, Bingham’s wines are surprisingly mature and pleasing. They have barrel-aged reds, as well as light and refreshing rosés and whites. The wines they make from blends of different grape varieties are named in honor of the family’s farming roots on the Texas High Plains.

When visiting, try to sample the Cloudburst, a delightful blend of five white varietals that manages to showcase the characteristics of each. Their High Plains Sunset Rosé is made from 100% mourvedrè and has enough acidity to support the richness of the grapes’ flavor. And the 2014 Turnrow, one of the first wines they ever produced, has complexity and structure to mature, but is medium-bodied and can be sipped alone as well as pairing with food.

Bingham tasting room.jpg

When you visit Bingham Family Vineyards tasting room, not only do you know that the wine is made from 100% Texas-grown grapes, but that they are all from the same estate vineyard. We look forward to taking you there on your next visit!