Winery Profile: Kerrville Hills Winery

Wayne Millberger is a mechanical engineer who comes from a family of turf grass farmers in the Bay City, Texas area. They currently have 2,000 acres planted in various turf grasses on the flat lands around Bay City. In 2004, Wayne relocated to Kerrville seeking drier air than the 100% humidity air found in coastal Bay City and to learn more about the world of wine and winemaking.


By 2008, Wayne and his wife Carol had begun bottling their own wine, using grapes purchased from Lake County, California. Instead of rushing to get their product to sale, they made sure that the wines were properly aged before being released, sacrificing profits rather than a sell a wine that wasn’t mature. Despite not having a tasting room at the time, this made Kerrville Hills Winery the first winery to be established in Kerr County. Since then, they have won numerous awards and medals at various wine competitions around the country.


In 2011, the Millbergers purchased a homestead on Highway 16 overlooking the Guadalupe River Basin. They converted the 1960 house into a rustic tasting room, incorporating the original fireplace. There are glass panels allowing views of the fermentation room as well.

Along with Santa Maria Cellars, Kerrville Hills Winery was one of the first wine venues to be established along State Highway 16 between Kerrville and Fredericksburg. Since then, three more wineries have followed these pioneers, eschewing the ever-increasing real estate prices along Highway 290, and creating a secondary wine trail for our clients to enjoy.

Kerrville Hills Winery has become one of the more popular wineries we visit, and one that many clients haven’t heard of before, since it’s off the more-beaten track of the 290 Wine Road. Our tour guides recommend their Montepulciano “Pooch”wine, which is the winemaker’s favorite. Also, their mulled wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon is among the best you’ll find during the winter season.

pooch bottle.jpg

Come see and taste what our passengers have been enjoying, and add to your life list of Texas Hill Country wineries visited.